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Instagram has officially introduced Reels, its tool for creating short videos (with a lot of prominence in music) with which it hopes to compete with TikTok. It was an open secret, since there were already users who could try it in Germany, Brazil, France or India, but now its launch has been global.

Reels will not be a new application, but a function within the Instagram app itself. It is, broadly speaking, a repository in which the stories published by users will remain and the tool with which to create them. They can be for both followers (all, friends or one in particular) and for the entire community and will have a maximum duration of 15 seconds . It is in this last option where she drinks most from TikTok or Vine.

In a way, Histories and Reels are two sides of the same coin. In fact, the second was born as a function of the first and only rose because the first users who could try it created content that was more likely to last. The stories are the short video of the vacation that disappears after 24 hours; reels are the dance challenge or the comedy short that can be viralized and watched over and over again.

On the other hand, the possibility of sharing the video with the whole world in an own Explore tab favors the viralization of the videos. To this we must add that Instagram has a healing team that will highlight some of the reels in this tab. In addition, of course, you will be able to see all the ones that a person has published when entering their profile (in this case, unlike stories, it will not be necessary to select and save them).

The operation will be simple and practically identical to that of the stories. Opening Reels will allow you to select filters, upload videos stored on the phone (which can be mixed with those recorded in the app) and choose a song from the Facebook Music library.

There will be several effects and functions available from the first day, all of them apparently aimed at creating the videos that come to mind when thinking of TikTok (or, in the case of the most veteran, the extinct Vine). In addition to music there will be an option to use a countdown to record hands-free, a way to align objects from previous clips to create seamless transitions, or an accelerator or slower of parts of the video.

In principle, both the possibility that Reels' videos appear in their own 'tab' and the use of the songs (it will be possible to see all the Reels that are uploaded with one of them or use it directly to create one, for example) will be the two elements with which this new function wants to attract those who use TikTok.

To this we must add the platform itself. Although the strategy of not creating your own app can make users who do not explore miss Reels, in this way it gains a base of people who already use the stories and who now have a way of making them not ephemeral if they do so. they want.

Reels arrives at a time when the competition with TikTok may be greater if its purchase by a US company (the one that has sounded the most has been Microsoft) finally materializes, as this would make the application open much more to the western market, where there are doubts about its security, especially in the country ruled by a Donald Trump who has pointed directly to the app on occasion.

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