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if it wasn't, in Gangwon-do, there have been many rains in recent six days because of heavy rain. Sadly, as the heavy rain continued, the first deaths occurred in Gangwon-do, and the Soyang River Dam reopened in three years.

Reporter Yoo Su-hwan.

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passenger car is swept away by a torrent.

I crossed the river bridge near my house and suffered from the water that was blown up.

The vehicle that was left was found yesterday (4th) at a point downstream, but there was no driver, Choi Mo, who was 50 years old.

Choi was found dead yesterday afternoon by a police officer and a fireman who were searching, died downstream of the Hongcheon River.

[Lee Jang-sik/Sansu-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si: We found it in the village while we were broadcasting. I knew that someone who came to the village knew that and concentrated on it, but I couldn't even think of being a villager.]

At about 9:30 yesterday, a search was underway because the residents of their 60s disappeared in Yuljeon-ri, Naecheon-gun, Hongcheon-gun.

If the container boxes floated over the rivers and were damaged when they were hit by piers, the back mountain collapsed in the rain that had fallen overnight, and soil and stones could come into the room.

[Seojongheon/Geojin-eup, Goseong-gun: I saw soil flowing down from the mountain, and after 10-15 minutes, it has been pushed down since then.] In

a village in Inje-gun, a bridge was flooded, and fire fighting authorities drone myocardial infarction with a drone I also delivered it.

Soyang River Dam was released in three years yesterday afternoon, but since 1981, only 14 floodgates have been released.

Starting with the discharge of the Soyang River Dam, other dams downstream of the Bukhan River water system, such as Uiam Dam and Cheongpyeong and Paldang, are also expected to increase the amount of discharge in succession to control the water level.