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Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office forwards former reporter Lee Dong-jae of Channel A, a party to the suspicion of compulsion, to the trial today (5th). However, it is notable that specific evidence to prove the conspiracy with Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon has not been secured.

Reporter Won Jong-jin reports.

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first part of the Seoul Central Prosecutor's Detective is going to hand over reporter Lee Dong-jae of Channel A to the trial today.

The former reporter is accused of threatening to report to the CEO of Value Invest Korea, Lee Chul-min, about the possibility of investigating the family and to report the corruption of the chairman of the Roh Moo-hyun team.

Interest is whether Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon will be pointed out in a public offering relationship with the former reporter's indictment.

On the 24th of last month, the Prosecution Investigation Deliberation Committee, which consisted of outside experts, advised a prosecutor not to prosecute or prosecute a prosecutor.

Attention is also given to whether or not to deal with law enforcement officials such as Mr. Mo, who first reported the alleged threats to MBC.

A prosecutor and a former reporter have been arguing that the incident has been worked with pro-government officials to create a so-called frame of sovereignty.

Prosecutors earlier investigated Mr. Ji three times as suspect.

The investigative team analyzed the results of a digital forensic for a reporter's work laptop yesterday morning.

This is the third time a previous reporter's notebook analysis, including Channel A's own fact-finding survey.

However, it was also reported that there was no new evidence that a reporter and a prosecutor conspired to threaten the reporter.