Yesterday (3rd) In Gapyeong, three families died when a pile of collapsed soil hit the pension. To help the mother who runs the pension, the daughter in New Zealand returned home with her young son and had an accident.

Reporter Hong Young-jae was covered.


Traces of earth and sand pouring along the mountain ridge span 70-80m, and one of the three pensions that remained fine until yesterday morning disappeared completely.

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After five hours of searching around the buried dong buried in a pile of dirt, the bodies of three families were found.

The owner of the pension is Kim Mo, 65, and Kim's daughter.

Kim's daughter, 36-year-old Song Mo, is said to have returned from New Zealand with her new son of a good year to help the mother who runs the pension.

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could disguise the residents to remember the look of danranhan entire family is sadness.

Gapyeong Pension accident scene.

In the place where the original pension was located, the concrete floor was clearly exposed like this, and the steel frame and styrofoam structures were also scattered.

The road guardrail across the pension is completely broken, and it is a good idea of ​​how powerful the size of the earth and sand from the landslide was.

When the sad story became known, the past guests stayed in line for memorial writing on SNS.

The pension employee, who was supposed to be an additional investor, stayed in Seoul last night to escape anger.

(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il, Video editing: Park Jin-hoon, Helicopter control: Min Byeong-ho, VJ: Jun-young Lee)