Today (4th) Seoul was briefly suspended, but a lot of rain is forecast overnight. Let's connect reporters who are out on the Han River Diving Bridge.

Reporter Han So-hee, the level of diving bridge was lower than yesterday.


Yes, yesterday, this time the diving bridge was completely submerged enough to reveal only the top of the road sign, and now it is level enough to identify the floor by a car under the river.

The water level of the diving bridge, which was close to 8.8m yesterday afternoon, is now 6.9m, down to 2m.

The rain last night and today showed a slight slump, and the water level in Paldang Dam dropped from 15,000 tons per hour to 8,000 tons, which is half the level yesterday.

Still, the vehicle control standard continues to exceed the water level of 6.2m, and the vehicle control continues for the third day.


What is the traffic control situation in Seoul other than a diving bridge?


Yes, as the water level of the Han River went down, some sections of the Olympic Road that were once controlled yesterday, eastern arterial roads, and Yeouido's upper and lower outings are in normal communication.

The places where traffic is still restricted are the Dive Bridge, Gaehwa Yukmun Gate to the Olympic Boulevard, Dangsan Naedokmok at the southern end of the Dangsan Railway Bridge, and Yangpyeong Naedokmok under the Seongsan Bridge.

In addition, access to 11 parking lots in Hangang Park in Seoul is restricted, and access to 18 rivers including Yangjaecheon and Bulgwangcheon is also controlled.

It's slowing down now, but it needs to be given extra attention as it is very strong and has a lot of rain in the Seoul area, from 50 to 100 mm per hour from night to tomorrow morning.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, on-site progress: Kim Dae-cheol, video editing: So Ji-hye)