This year, after the corona19, deferred or self-isolated students will be able to take a test at a hospital or a separate test center.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon summarized the direction for the management of college admissions announced in 2021 by the education authorities.

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Ministry of Education decided to establish a management system by dividing the candidates into general candidates, self-isolators, and confirmers so that all candidates can take the exam, taking into consideration the importance of the entrance exam on December 3rd.

Accordingly, candidates who have been confirmed as confirmed will move to the quarantine hospital or living treatment facility, and self-contained candidates will move to a separate exam site separate from the general exam site.

In the case of general examinees, a fever test is performed. After the second test, the fever will take a test at a separate laboratory in the test center depending on the symptoms.

The separate laboratory plans to determine the size of the installation in consideration of regional infection conditions after October.

The general laboratory limits the number of candidates in a classroom from 28 to a maximum of 24, and installs partitions on all desks in the classroom.

The Ministry of Education, along with the city government offices and the quarantine authorities, will plan to secure the personnel responsible for quarantine and divide the work, and to provide guidance on SAT quarantine in each city in late September or early October.

In addition, it was recommended that each university establish its own quarantine management countermeasures for each evaluation area, such as a written interview.

In the university-specific evaluation, the chance of taking the exam will be limited, and self-isolators will take the test in a separate place prepared for each area instead of the university.

Each university can switch to a non-face-to-face evaluation or adjust the schedule to the Korea University Education Council by the 19th of this month, within a range that does not impair the purpose of evaluation and fairness of evaluation.