Rain in the southern part of Gyeonggi province has died overnight, but there are still flood warnings in Yeongju Cheongmicheon. We connect with reporters who are out in the field. 

Reporter Kim Sang-min, the rain seems to have stopped, what about the water level in the river?


The Cheongmicheon Won Bridge, where I am, looks like it has been raining since last night (2nd). 

Access is still under control, but now it is down to 3.5m below the flood advisory line of 5.5m. 

Considering the outflow of heavy rains in the Gyeonggi-do area and the release of the Goesan Dam on the upstream side, there are still no warnings for Yeoju Wonbu Bridge and Heungcheon Bridge. 

Due to the heavy rain in Gyeonggi-do, part of the Gyeonggang Line of the metropolitan subway line connecting Pangyo and Yeoju was lost, and the operation of the electric train from Sindundoyechon Station to Yeoju Station was also suspended. 

KORAIL plans to inject 19 buses today to carry passengers using the section and complete the recovery by tomorrow. 


Reporter Kim, it rained a lot on the northern side of Gyeonggi during the night. 


Gyeonggi-do sent a disaster safety letter to warn Yeoncheon Paju area last night saying that the level of the northernmost Pilseung Bridge in the Imjin River exceeded 1m, the evacuation level of the tourists.

The water level at Pilseung Bridge is 5.6m at 3:30am today, leaving about 2m to the flood warning line. 

It is the first time this year to reach a water level of 0.3m or more and usually exceed 2m. 

The water level at Yeongpyeong Bridge in Pocheon City has risen to about 3.5 m, and the level at the Love Bridge in Yeoncheon-gun, where the Hantan River and Imjin River meet, has also risen to about 6 m. 

Up to 300mm of rain is expected to fall in the central region today, but Gyeonggi-do is responding by upgrading the working system of the Disaster Prevention Headquarters to the highest level of emergency 4 in 9 years.