Channel A ex-reporter and prosecution investigative team investigating suspicions of prosecutor Han Dong-hoon have been controversial this time. The way to check the SNS message using a SIM card from a prosecutor who has secured it through the land battle may be illegal interception.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan.

<Reporter> The

Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Investigation Team put in mind the security obtained from prosecutor Han Dong-hun on the afternoon of the 29th into the prepared cell phone air gauge.

Since then, it was found that the user accessed the KakaoTalk with the ID of a prosecutor using the user identification information stored in the SIM.

In the process, the investigative team reportedly changed the password of a prosecutor's KakaoTalk, but there was a controversy over illegal interception.

It means that the investigative team can see KakaoTalk messages coming to one prosecutor in real time, and that they can see all other text messages coming to one prosecutor in the process of receiving'authenticated text' to access KakaoTalk.

[Gu Tae-eun, an attorney/IT professional attorney: The act of installing another person's mind on an air system and receiving a text message from the real-time is equivalent to interception.] In

fact, in 2016, the Supreme Court issued a warrant for investigation by a prosecutor's agency. It was judged that the investigation method to secure dialogue was illegal, and Kakao did not cooperate with the investigation agency's execution of the warrant.

In this situation, the investigative team seems to have tried to check the message of the prosecutor, Kakao Talk, etc., only with the warrant of seizure and search.

The Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office said that it was not possible to confirm whether to request a warrant, but the warrant was executed within the method and scope of the warrant issued.