This rain is also characterized by pouring in a bucket in an hour or two in an instant. It was fine a while ago, but the water overflows and the lowlands are locked up and things happen. Be careful and be careful.

Today's (1st) accidents Reporter Seong-hoon Lee has synthesized.

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Seoul Dorimcheon sidewalk is completely submerged in the swollen water.

Today at around 12:30, a man in his 80s was walking in the rapids walking down the promenade under the Bonglim Bridge in Dorimcheon, Sillim-dong, Seoul.

[Accident witness: My grandfather was walking with his cane. If you have a leg, you have fallen, and you are trying to get up. .]

Upon receiving the report, the dispatched police rescued the man who had fallen into the water using a life-saving tube and moved it to the hospital, but he was killed.

Police officials said they were investigating the exact cause of the accident, saying, "I did CPR right after the rescue, but I died."

Citizens are trapped on a promenade full of rainwater.

Isolated people continued to follow as the river level rose more than 1.5m due to the sudden rain.

[Rescuer: I was rescued by reporting on the wall. The water overflowed within three minutes and was just running away, but I couldn't get out of it. I was surprised. I thought I was really dying.] As of

1 pm, there was a heavy rain of 18mm per hour in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

Due to this rain, 28 people were all tied up near the Dorimcheon promenade in Seoul.

Most of them were rescued in two hours without human injury, using life-saving tubes and ropes from dispatched firefighters.

(Video coverage: Dongkook Lim, Video editing: Junhee Kim, screen provided by Yeongdeungpo Fire Station in Seoul)