There is also an <Anchor> corona, and the rainy season is so long, so this holiday season looks very different. Unlike the south, there have been quite a few people on the beach on the east coast.

Reporter Jo Jae-geun turned around.


Even the beaches where Jangmatbi stopped for a while, and crowds of people gathered in cloudy weather.

Leave your body in the cool sea water, play with water, build sand castles and make memories.

There are more people who don't wear masks, but people aren't crowded, so it's not a very worrying atmosphere.

[Kim Seon-yong/Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do: I am very relieved to see how I play while keeping good precautions. Children seem to like playing sand in front of the water, playing in the water... .] Because of the

rainy season, which was longer than usual in Corona 19, the number of vacationers dropped sharply at each beach.

Today (1st day), there were 191,000 people who visited 79 beaches on the east coast of Gangwon a day, 85% less than last year.

Cumulative summer vacationers are only 24% this year.

It is also one reason for the sudden drop in the number of customers.

[Kim Jae-kyung / Gangneung Tourism: Since the past, to us was how to calculate it calculated the ratio of the total area to check the person dividing the beach area this year, we have heating checked at the entrance because the corona wearing a wrist band -

mountain In the valley, there were fewer tourists.

[Lee Geum-dong/Gangwon-do Gangneung-si: There was no influence because of the distance between each other. The children are also on vacation and it's fun to see them.]

This summer, the beach seems to be in bloom in mid-August when the rainy season ends.

(Video coverage: Heo Chun)