Online trading in felyx accounts allows minors without a license to use the company's shared scooters, according to research by NOS Stories . Trading takes place via chat app Telegram and happens over the back of unsuspecting felyx users.

The traders sell the login details of these accounts, after which buyers can drive around on the shared scooters until the owner understands. NOS Stories spoke to a victim who thus lost hundreds of euros, although felyx compensated the damage.

The company will take measures "within weeks" to prevent accounts from being reused by others, according to NOS Stories . The accounts are secured with a second code that can only be seen on the smartphone of the rightful owner.

Felyx is active in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Groningen. Users must upload their driver's license to prove that they are allowed to drive around on the scooters. The scooters are located in different places in the city and can be reserved and used via an app.

The trade in felyx accounts also allows minors without a license to use the scooters. An anonymous trader tells NOS Stories not to check whether the buyer has a driver's license. "If you want to buy something, I will deliver."

A spokesperson for felyx was not available on Friday evening for questions from