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first time, a class action lawsuit was filed saying that the bereaved families of those who died in Corona 19 were to be held responsible for the damages. The reason for the lawsuit was that the government's initial countermeasures and the measures against quarantine were poor.

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19 corona 19 dead families in Daegu filed a class action lawsuit against the country worth 300 million won.

This is the first time a lawsuit against a country has been made against Corona19.

From a son-in-law who was not able to see his mother-in-law's face once due to a collective infection in a hospital hospitalized with a simple fracture, to a daughter who had to send her mother and father to Corona 19, a surviving family who suddenly lost a family funeral and suddenly lost her family. I still hear my heart.

[Lee Jung-mi/Corona19 survivors of the dead: You couldn't wear a shroud once. That's my heart. That this, I wore the clothes I wore... I still think about the appearance of the zip-bag (with the clothes on it).]

Corona 19 spreads due to the failure to respond to the government's and government officials' negligence, and the lack of hospitalization due to the government's failure to restrict overseas entry from China . He said he would ask for legal responsibility for this.

[Kwon Oh-Hyun/Corona 19 Survivor's Lawyer: (Prepare for the plague) Be prepared, be prepared for many years. But I haven't done it until this time, but until this point (I'm here)]

In response, the Central Accident Relief Headquarters expressed regret to all those who died of Corona 19, and stated that restitution would be covered in court.

In addition, there are no data confirming that the medical system crisis caused by diseases other than corona19 has increased the mortality rate.

(Video coverage: Nam-yong Kim TBC, CG: Kwak Ho-ki TBC)