Telegram has filed a complaint with the European Commission about alleged abuse of power by Apple, The Financial Times reports Thursday. The company behind the popular chat app complains, among other things, about Apple's policy regarding its App Store.

Telegram wants Apple to "allow users to install software outside of the App Store (on their iPhone or iPad, ed.)," The Financial Times quotes from the complaint.

The company also complains about the commission that Apple makes on purchases within the App Store. Spotify and e-book service Kobo previously filed a similar complaint. The companies believe that Apple is abusing its position, which consists of both a referee and a player in the same market.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov touched on the topics on Monday in a blog post. He argues that iOS cannot be compared to Android, because Google does allow users to install apps outside the Play Store and bypass the comparable commission.

In recent months, Apple has come under more magnifying glass for alleged abuse of power. The European Commission launched an investigation into the company's practices in June. In addition to the App Store, Apple Pay is also being examined.