Fortunately, there was little rain in the Busan and Gyeongnam areas where it was expected to have a heavy rain during the night. Residents who were unable to complete the restoration of rain damage suffered last week wiped their heart amazed.

Reported by KNN Kang So-ra.

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area of ​​Dongcheon, Busan that overflowed with high tide last week.

Before the completion of the restoration, the residents were worried because of the heavy rain forecast.

Fortunately, starting at 11:00, the heavy rain warning was lifted, and Dongcheon avoided the crisis of flooding.

There were 11 cases of non-damage reported to the fire departments in Busan and Gyeongnam during the night, with no casualties.

Drainage was done due to flooding or road flooding in the basement of the building, and trees fell under strong winds.

11 traffic such as Seonggyo Bridge in Dongnae-gu was flooded, and vehicle traffic was sometimes controlled.

The cumulative precipitation, originally predicted to be 50 to 150 mm, was only 68 mm.

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yet Weather Service Hourly 10 and up'm depending on Busan and Gyeongnam places It is predicted that the rain equivalent to 30mm will stop and it will not stop until 9pm.