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It is time for the current critic Gohyun Joon's news bulldog. Let's look at the first news.

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This is the news from the United States, and because the United States is not as safe as Korea, the young Americans who chose to go to South Korea are attracting attention because they want to take a two-week hotel quarantine.

It was said that a man named'Peach' who played music in the United States decided to go to Korea because Corona 19 did not show any signs of easing and the protests against racial discrimination were unlikely to remain silent. It is said that he came to Korea as Simsan.

I highly regarded Korea's quarantine management as impressive.

After landing at the airport, I filled out the papers and downloaded the application to check if symptoms appeared every day, and when I arrived at the hotel, I checked for viruses, and all of the inspection personnel were wearing medical equipment, and I was very cautious about wearing protective clothing. I said that it made me feel like.

I couldn't get out of the room, but I brought three meals and a generous jubbeak at the door and said I was able to enjoy enough things such as Wi-Fi and music.

However, if you are craving for a trip, you have also left an advice as to whether you can fully enjoy and handle what you can do in your room.


I think it's a story that Korea's level of quarantine is recognized globally.

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a passenger without a mask is found on the Seoul Subway, a system will be introduced in the future that can be reported directly with a smartphone app.

Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 3rd of next month that it will add a function to report passengers without masks to the smartphone app'Tota Subway'.

If you report an unmasked passenger in a subway train or on a platform, report it with this app, and the subway sheriff will move right after confirming your location.

Subway sheriffs ask masked passengers to wear masks, and if they don't have one, they buy a mask from a vending machine, etc., and get on the train.

If you do not follow the instructions, you may be charged a fine. The reason Seoul City introduced a notification system for passengers who do not wear masks is that, since May 26, there are passengers who are obliged to wear masks when using public transportation, but still do not obey them. This is because assaults are occurring in the process of recommending wearing.

In the past two months, 16,631 complaints have been filed with the Seoul National Transportation Corporation stating that a maskless passenger has been found, and there have been five cases of violence or assault by station officials or people requesting to wear the mask.

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others and for yourself, you must wear a mask when using public transportation, what's next?

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following news could save a 6-year-old child who was swept away by a wave at a beach in Incheon thanks to a specially designed buoy.

On the 19th, a 6-year-old child who was playing in the water at the Eulwang-ri Beach in Incheon was suddenly swept away by a reverse wave.

The reverse wave, also called Ian-ryu, is an ocean current where the waves coming from the shore suddenly return to the sea, so it is difficult for an adult to swim, but a child who has drifted for a while touched the buoy installed in the beach and held it at the buoy for about 6 minutes. At the end, it was rescued by 119 members.

The six-year-old child was able to hold the buoy for six minutes, thanks to the multi-purpose safety buoy, tsunami kid, which was first introduced to the Eulwangri Beach earlier this month. It is said that even the elderly can easily withstand the tube-shaped buoyancy belt by hanging it while wearing a cuff or armpit.

It is said that it was the idea of ​​a private diver who has been carrying out rescue activities for 30 years. The Incheon Jung-gu Office will examine the effect of introducing the pilot and carefully consider whether to install it.