Heavy rain over a maximum of 80 mm per hour on the 23rd caused heavy flooding in the area around Centum City in Haeundae, Busan, where many of the high-end cars, including supercars, were flooded and flooded.

According to residents of the building on the 24th, rainwater came into the basement of the Centum City residential complex between 9 and 10 pm the day before and began to flood.

On the road leading to the ground, black rainwater swept down and the parking lot on the first basement level was immediately submerged.

The residents of the building say that the parking lot and the entrance to the building have become asurajang for tens of minutes because the residents, etc., who came after hearing the flooding, were forced to pull out the vehicle.

Rainwater was pushed down from the 2nd to the 5th basement level along the downhill passage of the parking lot, and it was reported that many parked vehicles were submerged.

With only 125 pyeong and 131 pyeong of large pyeongsu, this building is one of the most famous villages in Busan, where billions of billions of dollars of royal floors are available.

Foreign residents such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW lined up in the submerged underground parking lot, and tens of millions of high-performance supercars were also submerged.

Currently, all six elevators have been suspended due to flooding, and residents, etc., are walking up and down the buildings up to the 51st floor.

Resident A said, "At the time, the water on the first floor of the building was so strong that women were unable to cross it." Said.

Centum City, where this building is located, is one of the habitual flooding areas where roads are submerged in the event of heavy rain.

In the basement of Centum City in 2011, a storage tank capable of holding 18,200 tons of rainwater, 40 meters wide, 95 meters high, and 6 meters high, was created, but it has been pointed out that it cannot function properly.

In Busan, the damage was followed by the death of three people who had not escaped from an underground driveway flooded with heavy rain for 3 hours after the heavy rain warning took effect this night.

(Photo = readers provided, Yonhap News)