Let's look at each area a little bit more from heavy rain. In Busan, the city center turned into a sea of ​​water last night. Three people died from flooding the underpass, and the Dongcheon crossing the city center was not full, and the flooding was serious.

This is reporter Yoo Su-hwan.


Dongcheon crossing the city center of Busan overflowed.

Over the roads, houses, welfare centers, malls and apartments were submerged.

We prepared in advance for the heavy rain forecast, but to no avail.

[Lee Eun-sook/Senior Welfare Director, Jaseong University: The water overflowed just like last time. We had our own preparations. Sandbags piled higher, but more water came in.]

Dongcheon, Busan, flooded for the first time on the 10th.

At that time, 140 houses and factories and 220 vehicles were flooded.

The damage was high, overlapping with high tide, and this was also true.

There was also a commotion of emergency evacuation by about 50 residents in the apartment.

I piled up sand bags and prepared myself, but it overflowed again.

The main reason is that the width of the water barrier at the construction site for water quality improvement, which was pointed out as the cause during the first flooding, was reduced.

The failed pump station was also repaired, but it did not prevent the flooding.

[Resident inhabitants: (10 days of heavy rain) came and went for 30 minutes, but now the water keeps flowing in and out for an hour, so the (damage) should be considered worse.]

In Busan, not only Dongcheon but also Sujeongcheon were flooded, but the water level did not go down during the night, making it difficult to count recovery and damage.