<Anchor> In the

long corona situation, vulnerable groups including the disabled are more difficult.

Reporter Park Byung-il covered how difficult the care gap was for families with developmental disabilities in the months after the welfare center and the protection center were closed.

<Reporter> A

woman in her 20s with autism disorder.

My father works in the countryside and my sister goes home, so I stay alone with my mother on weekdays.

[Kim Hyun-sook/Severe autistic disabled mother: (daughter) I just went back and forth to lie down and sleep, and now I've gained a lot of weight. I've been at home since February.] After the

corona crisis, the welfare center was closed and it's been six months since I was staying home all day.

[Kim Hyun-sook/Severe autistic disabled mother: If the needs are not satisfied, they are just angry or irritated, and they are very regressed. The regression became speechless.] An

unexpected situation arises during the interview.

[Kim Hyun-sook/Severe autistic disabled mother: Eun-joo! No. No. Come in.]

Suddenly I opened the door and went out of the house.

A mother who goes out barefoot to dry her daughter.

[Kim Hyun-sook/Severe autistic disabled mother: Mom Look at this, mom's bare feet. right? Should I wear my mother's shoes?] A

daughter who wants to return and suddenly turns and opens the door of someone else's house.

[Kim Hyun-sook/Severe autistic disabled mother: No, no, no other's house. No. No. No.]

Three or four turns back to the house and rooted again.

My mother barely packs her shoes and goes on a walk with her daughter.

My daughter's hometown is a neighborhood mart.

I wanted to take a look around, and I picked up the bread without hesitation.

[Kim Hyun-sook/Severe autistic disabled mother: Eun-joo! You ate this before, but you can't touch it. Ok Ok Let's count and eat.

Paying money.] I am busy going to another building and trying to open the door here and there to dry.

[Kim Hyun-sook/Severe autistic disabled mother: (In the past) I was told when I went out like this. This is not possible after the corona. It's out of control.]

Unexpected behavior that doesn't communicate what you want and doesn't satisfy your needs.

In recent years, even dangerous behavior has been frequent.

[Kim Hyun-sook/Severe autistic disabled mother: No. No. No here. No. Eunjoo! It's a road here. Tea is coming No.] After the

corona crisis, 9 out of 10 parents with developmental disabilities were found to have severe stress from caring for their children.

In particular, chronic fatigue, severe emotional relief, and sleep disorders were many.

[Lee Hee-ok/Mother with Developmental Disabilities: The child gained weight and I kept falling out. I got reflux esophagitis because of stress.]

[Lee Eun-jung/Mother with developmental disabilities: I can't get sick. I can't lie down because I'm sick. I don't have Saturday or Sunday.] In

Gwangju last month, my mother made an extreme choice with my 20-year-old son with a developmental disability.

Following a series of tragedies, the government later decided to open the door of disabled facilities and strengthen emotional counseling.

[Yoon Jong-Sul/Representative of Parents of People with Disabilities Nationally Disabled: If you enter the details, the details of the implementation are not listed. Just do it, and who will do it, because the budget or the situation is not supported.]

Among the 240,000 people with developmental disabilities nationwide, 80,000 are severely disabled.

However, the capacity of day care facilities such as welfare centers is only 4,000, and more fundamental measures are needed, such as expanding facilities for the disabled and extending the time to support activities.

(VJ: Yoon Taek)