Steve Wozniak is suing YouTube for saying the company is doing too little to stop fraudulent ads with bitcoin, according to Apple's co-founder. Bloomberg reports this on Friday based on documents that were submitted to the court in the United States on Tuesday.

Scammers use Wozniak's name and photo to convince YouTube users to transfer bitcoin to a digital wallet, which would supposedly double. In reality, the victims lose their crypto coins, Bloomberg says from the charges.

Wozniak would have tried to encourage YouTube to take videos offline, but he says that is not or not good enough. "YouTube has unashamedly hosted, promoted and directly benefited from these scams," Bloomberg quotes .

Well-known persons are also victims of the same form of fraud in the Netherlands. Entrepreneur John de Mol went to court to force Facebook to take more action. He was right, but Facebook appealed because it says it cannot meet the requirements of the judge.

Wozniak founded Apple in 1976 together with the late Steve Jobs, among others. He left the company in 1985. The case against YouTube, which is part of Google, has been brought together with seventeen others , according to Bloomberg .