China plans to make it more difficult for European telecom manufacturers Nokia and Ericsson to export the products they make in China, reports The Wall Street Journal , based on anonymous insiders. Beijing would be willing to take this measure if countries in the European Union decide to completely ban Huawei from their telecom networks.

Chinese telecom manufacturer Huawei is at the center of a conflict between the United States and China. The US swears that China is spying on the West via Huawei. The country has banned Huawei as a result.

The United Kingdom also took the decision last week to completely ban Huawei from its telecom network. In particular, the decision would have resulted from political pressure from the White House, The Guardian said .

The Scandinavian companies Nokia and Ericsson are the largest providers of telecom equipment after Huawei. The two parties supply products that can be used in 5G networks, which are currently being rolled out in Europe.

Nokia and Ericsson should relocate the production of their equipment outside of China if the Beijing threat becomes a reality. It's unclear if it will come to that: The Wall Street Journal notes that the news may be "more barking than biting" from the Chinese government.

The US has never provided concrete evidence of the allegations of espionage, just like other countries. Time and time again, Huawei claims to be no Beijing pawn.


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