The signing ceremony of the late General Seon-yeop Baek, who was evaluated as a'Hero of the Korean War,' was strictly followed today (15th).

Today at 7:30 am, at the ceremony held at Seoul Asan Hospital's reunion ceremony, the U.S. Chief of Staff and Defense Minister Kyung-Doo Chung, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Park Han-gi, Joint Chief of Staff, Robert Abrams, Deputy Chief of the National Security Office, President of the National Security Office, Vice President of the Army More than 70 people including group officials attended.

The chairman of the Emergency Countermeasures Committee of the Future Unification Party, Kim Ho-in, Chairman of the House of Representatives Joo Ho-young, and National Assembly Chairman of the National Assembly, as well as Democratic Party Min Hong-cheol.

Along with the splendid performance of the military band, the Army Presidency and the U.S. Army came to the ceremony with the Taegeuk Medal of Merit, the United States' Silver Medal of Merit, and a hundred generals wrapped around Taegeukgi.

President Seo, the chairman of the funeral commission, said in an investigation, "The words that you asked me to build a stronger army when I prevented you in May of last year are still in my ears." I will do my best to keep Korea strong."

Commander Song Young-geun, former commander of the 1st Division, recalled the deceased deceased who led the victory in the Battle of Dabu-dong during the Korean War in Chudosa. “If you were defeated at that time, there would have been no Republic of Korea, and neither I nor you would be here” I did.

The 1st Division is a unit led by the deceased during the Korean War.

Song also mentioned in Chudosa that "I still feel sorry for the fact that I can't attend Dongjak-dong Seoul Hyeonchungwon as the head of the country."

Commander Abrams, who was also a memorial, praised the deceased as "one of the founders of the iron-like alliance," and said, "In the most desperate and darkest moments of the Korean War's ground battle, it led the South Korean forces alongside UN forces and shoulders. It was a memorial."

He expressed his condolences on behalf of the United Nations Command and the USFK Command, along with the greeting "Farewell, friend".

Allied commanders also prayed for the death of the deceased through a memorial video.

"I was a soldier among soldiers who support the ROK-US alliance and love soldiers," said John Tillally, a former commander. "The legend of Captain Baek Seon-yeop will continue."

Other ex-commanders, including Walter Sharp, James Sherman, and Vincent Brooks, also prayed for the death of the deceased.

Baek Nam-hyuk (67), the eldest son of General Baek, said, “My father remembered the names of all his comrades and missed them and wanted to see them.” Now, his father's dream came true, because he met all his comrades in the sky.

Starting with his wife, Mrs. Senior Sister, after the wreaths and incense of the main attendees were over, the hearse was escorted by crew members to Daejeon Chungcheongwon where the saddle was held.

More than 200 people, including members of a conservative group to see off the last road of the deceased, gathered around the ceremony, and there were also YouTubers who wanted to broadcast the ceremony.

(Photo = Yonhap News)