The face of 29-year-old Nam Kyung-eup, who participated in the sexual exploitation of Jo, Joo-bin, the operator of Dr. Bang's room, was revealed.  

Nam, who was in the detention center of Jongno Police Station in Seoul, revealed his face while riding on a convoy to the prosecution at 8 am today (15th).

Nam, dressed in black sportswear, tied with a rope, nodded, saying, "I admit" to the reporter's question, "Do you admit the charges?"

When asked, "Is there anything you want to say to the victim?"

The police said, "The suspect (Mr. Nam) is seriously involved in crimes against women as an accomplice by Dr. Jo Joo-bin, a doctor's room operator." It was judged that the risk was high,” he said.

“The committee discussed in depth the human rights of the accused and the reasons for disclosure restrictions such as damage to family members and neighbors,” he said. “However, the public's right to know, to prevent recidivism of similar crimes, and to prevent crimes, So, we decided to release the suspect's name, age, and face."

Mr. Nam works as a paid member of a doctor's room and is charged with engaging victims in the production of sexual exploitation (violation of special law on the punishment of crime group membership and punishment of sexual assault, etc.). There is also a charge that threatened the victim by imitating the crimes of Jo Joo-bin.

(Composition: Joeul Seon, Photography: Sang Bo Jung, Edit: Hee Seon Kim)