Streaming service Videoland will introduce new subscription forms. There are three models: Basic, Plus and Premium. The cheapest subscription costs 4.99 euros per month, but does add commercials.

With the basic subscription, users can watch Videoland films and series on one screen at a time. With the Plus subscription of 7.99 euros per month, you can view two screens without advertising. The Premium subscription costs € 9.99 per month and, in addition to ad-free viewing, also offers the option of viewing on four screens simultaneously.

With the new subscription types, Videoland wants to give new customers more choice. The video service offer remains the same for all subscriptions. The various subscriptions will be rolled out in the near future.

Nothing changes for people who are already subscribers. They pay the same price as before, with all the features of a Premium account. A subscription cost € 8.99 per month as standard.