It was confirmed that Mayor Park had a countermeasure meeting with his aides at the mission hall the night the complaint was filed regarding Mayor Park Won-soon's alleged sexual harassment. Also, unlike Seoul's official position that they knew the charges had been reported through media reports, it was revealed that they reported to Mayor Park that he heard that there was something wrong with the Mayor's Gender News on the day.

Reporter Kim Ki-tae.

<Reporter> On the

8th, when the accused party filed a complaint with the police, suspicions were raised that Seoul City had reported related matters to former mayor Park Won-soon.

Seoul's Gender Governor Lim Mo asked the SBS reporter's question,'Did you hear about the incident on the day of the accusation? "Yes," replied.

Park did not respond to the suspicion that the mayor had been reported in advance.

The complainant raised suspicion that Seoul officials tolerated sexual harassment even after they knew it.

[Lee Mi-kyung/Director of the Korea Sexual Violence Research Institute: (to appeal to the victims), asked to accept it as a simple mistake in the market, the secretary's job was to assist the planting of the market, referred to as labor, and to minimize the damage. … ] The

city ​​of Seoul is silent about its own investigations and inspections.

Women's human rights officers, concealed suspicions, or audit offices conduct investigations of sexual violence in the workplace, but related departments are only repeating that they have to report directly to the victims according to the sexual violence response manual.

The Seoul Civil Service Workers Union targeted Mayor Park's aides and criticized that "if you didn't know about sexual harassment in advance, it would be a big deal, and if you knew anything, you should take responsibility."