In the west of Incheon, live worm larvae are found one after another, and while Incheon City has instructed over 28,000 households not to drink tap water directly, larvae have also been found in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon. 

Lee Mo, who lives in Gyulhyeon-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, has discovered live larvae in tap water five times in a month. 

"I was surprised. (The caterpillar) was meandering like a small earthworm," he said. "It came out about a month ago." "One came out of the shower filter, but I saw it five times," he said. 

Some of the elementary, middle, and high school meals were stopped because of the worm larvae found in tap water in Incheon, where red tap water last year.

Incheon city earlier said that it is presumed to be larvae from deceased people, such as water tanks and sinks, when the temperature rises in summer. In addition, the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education stopped feeding elementary, middle and high schools and kindergartens in 5 dongs in Seo-gu starting today.

However, since live larvae have been found in tap water in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, in addition to Seo-gu, the city of Incheon, inspections and measures for the entire area are expected to be necessary. 

(Composition: Choeul Seon, Report: 8411 residents in Gyeyang-gu, Edit: Heesun Kim)