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Lawyer Roh Young-hee is on the list.

On the 13th, lawyer Roh, who appeared on a general channel broadcaster, believes that the merit of winning by shooting a gun at North Korea, North Korea, in connection with the controversy of General Baek Sun-yeop's saddle with Hyun Choong-won is to be admitted to Hyeonchungwon or Daejeon Hyeonchungwon. Insisted.

After the remarks came, protests against Mr. Roh's remarks were poured out, saying it was an insult to the 6/25 veterans who fought to protect the country.

The future unification party said it would sue Ro attorney to the Korea Communications Commission.

When the accusations grew, Lawyer Roh revised his remarks saying that even if he made a ball in the 6/25 war, he could not beautify his past pro-Japanese acts, saying that he seemed to have misunderstood and misunderstood that he was on a live broadcast. He added that it was not a disgrace to the veterans.

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price of gold is also noticeable in the search terms of interest, yesterday (14th) the price per gram of 1kg of gold spot on the Korea Exchange gold market closed at 70,000 won.

It is the highest price ever since the gold market was opened in March 2014.

Gold prices have been on a steady rise this year, and have risen by about 17% over the past four months since the March lows.

Global gold prices are also hitting record highs.

The price of the delivery in August at the New York Mercantile Exchange closed at $1,814 per ounce, reaching a record high of $1,911 in September 2011.

This gold-high streak is an analysis that corona19 spreads again, showing a preference for safe assets for anxiety, and it also affected rich liquidity.