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The Chinese brand that was preparing its foldable smartphone last April is working on several models. Xiaomi would have filed a patent for a smartphone with an “enveloping” screen, can be read at Techiesblog.

A more than extended screen

The peculiarity of this patent is that it suggests a smartphone composed largely of a single screen. No physical key appears on the front panel. The screen covers this entire face, until it covers the side edges of the device.

At the rear, the main camera occupies almost a third of the surface. The rest of this side is actually a second screen. A second screen which is held just at the edge of the first, giving the illusion of a single screen covering the entire device.

A unique but powerful camera

The second feature of this model is its camera. There is only one. But the new model would be equipped with a 108 megapixel sensor according to the blog Phonearena, like the Mi Note 10. With an extendable lens, the possibilities of Zoom seem promising.

The elements revealed raise practical questions about this new model. A patent obviously does not mean an assured exit. But given the details on the leaked illustrations, the device could see the light of day soon.


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