The funeral process of Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon will be finished today (13th). Beginning early in the morning, the ceremony was broadcast live online. We connect to reporters from Seoul Memorial Park.

Reporter Kim Sang-min, the conclusion of the ceremony is now complete.


This time around 7:30 this morning, Park Won-soon was in Seoul National University Hospital where the mayor of Seoul was placed, and after that, Ungucha, who had the deceased, moved to the Seoul City Hall where the deceased had been in for about 9 years and looked around the square in front of City Hall.

Then, at 8:30, the ceremony of honoring the deceased began at the multi-purpose hall on the 8th floor of the City Hall and ended about an hour ago.

The ceremony was broadcast live online with only 100 people, including survivors and political officials, in consideration of the issue of corona 19 prevention.

Following the memorial video that summarized the life of the deceased, the investigation of the co- funeral chairman Baek Nak-cheong, Lee Hae-chan and Seo Jeong-hyup followed.

Some citizens mourned the mayor of Park everywhere, even in the rainy weather.

Over 20,000 people visited the incense burner in front of the city hall for two days on the weekend, and 1.55 million were dedicated to the online incense burner.

The controversy continues, however, with over 550,000 people agreeing to the Blue House National Petition against the Mayor Park's funeral.


What is the schedule for the remaining funeral?


The survivors and other officials from the Mayor's Funeral Committee will arrive at the memorial park in Seoul, where I am, for a while.

Mayor Park left the last words in his will, "Please make yourself and spray it on your parents' oxygen." According to this deliberation, the remains will be transferred to the mayor of the mayor of the market, Changnyeong, Gyeongnam.

Jangji in Changnyeong was decided to be closed to the media, but Park Hong-geun, chairman of the Funeral Committee, said that the graveyard would be prepared in a slightly raised form according to the will of the survivor.