[SBS Special] What Happened in the Chat App-Covertly dangerous ② The

16-year-old Eun-jae, who had run away from a conflict with her dad, found a chat app because she had no place to stay. However, it is only adult men who approach such silver. And they offered prostitution to Eunje.

The production team asked, "If you are away from home and you need money later, you might be able to buy sex." Then Eunjae said, "I think I might have such a heart."

The kid who used the chat app from elementary school said, "Almost half to half of the chat apps have been used. I recommended that the kids be fun, but they all did it, so I did it together. It was fun to stop the dirty talk." said. Also, it was shocking to say that there were a lot of children who met strangers and made money through random chat apps, saying, "They also paid more for each other."

Children nowadays familiar with the culture of communicating with anonymous partners. Children say, "But there are a lot of strange people." He also covered his face, suggesting that you would do sexual and obscene acts, and suggesting that you meet," and "Experiences that they seemed to have done wrong just because they saw their strange behavior and felt so strange" Released.

The experts said, "Children start like that. It is strange that they start to be exposed to chat apps while kicking." Adults are courting to buy children's sex. I was sorry.

(Editor of SBS funE Kim Hyo-jung)   

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