A MacBook. (Illustration) - Jason Alden / REX / REX / SIPA

"Do not close your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro with camera protection." Here is the title of an article published on July 2 by Apple on its site and spotted on July 10 by the specialized site MacRumors . Apple advises MacBook owners not to obstruct their webcam with a cache.

According to the firm, this practice, however widespread, can damage the screen "because the gap between the screen and the keyboard was designed to be very tight and sensitive".

A risk for automatic lighting

Placing a cache on the webcam can have other disadvantages, details the American company. In particular, the ambient light sensor could be affected. Automatic lighting or the True Tone option (changing the colors of a screen to suit the environment) may not work properly.

For all those who are afraid that their webcam will be used by a malicious third party, Apple reminds you that an indicator light lets you know when the camera is activated. It is a green light present next to the camera hole. You still have to be in front of your computer all the time to find out, says Numerama .

For those who do not want to do without a cache, Apple does not recommend using a sticky paper like a post-it, a piece of fabric or leather. She recommends a cover not exceeding the thickness of a sheet of paper (0.1 mm).


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