The Israeli Defense Ministry need not ban the export of the Israeli NSO's controversial espionage software. That was the verdict of the judge in Tel Aviv on Monday in a lawsuit brought by Amnesty International, according to The Jerusalem Post .

NSO makes spyware that makes it possible to eavesdrop on smartphones. The spyware is officially intended to fight terror, but it is said to be used internationally against journalists and human rights activists.

Amnesty therefore went to court early this year in an attempt to end the export of the software. According to the judge, the Ministry of Defense has put in place sufficient guarantees to prevent the NSO software from being misused by governments. The court has not disclosed what this judgment is based on.

In January, the defense forced the case to take place behind closed doors. The ministry would be concerned that otherwise national security would be compromised.

Several cases are still pending against NSO and the Israeli government, including one brought by a friend of the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The government of Saudi Arabia is said to have used NSO's spyware to spy on the journalist.