The Korea Sports Association plans to come up with high-intensity measures to eradicate violence and sexual assaults following the recent incident of Choi Sook-hyun.

The Athletic Association plans to first implement the camp training permit system.

In principle, it is a plan to induce players to commute and train instead of camps, and to allow camps with permission for a minimum period of time before the competition.

In addition, we plan to monitor the violence by operating the Citizens' Auditor System (Civil Affairs) system, which consists of citizens within the camp training area.

There will also be new rules for teams with female athletes that must employ at least one female leader.

We are also considering the promotion of the Report Reward System.

In the event of reporting anti-human rights abuses, we will reward them and apply sanctions such as restrictions on participation in the competition and reduction in support for sports, sports organizations, and affiliated teams.

The Korea Sports Association is also planning to permanently expel the perpetrators involved in violence and sexual violence more than once, regardless of status.

In addition, it decided to fundamentally block the infringement of unlawful persons by conducting a mandatory registration system for the duty or equipment personnel, as well as conducting an investigation of the violence at any time using a mobile phone for 130,000 registered players.

Chairman Lee Ki-heung of the Korea Sports Association explained some of this to a total of 200 participants, including municipal officials and affiliates, during the emergency response meeting for sports violence expulsion held at the Olympic Parktel in Seoul on the 13th.

The Korea Sports Association plans to officially announce measures to eradicate violence in the near future by synthesizing various suggestions and opinions from the emergency response meeting held on this day.

(Photo = Yonhap News)