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afternoon of the end of the funeral (the 13th), former secretaries and women's organizations sued Mayor Park Won-soon on charges of sexual harassment. A high-ranking official's power-based sex crimes have been going on for four years, so he claimed to help the city of Seoul, but he was ignored, but insisted that the investigation should reveal the truth.

First, I'm Lee Hyun-jung.


A former secretary A, who allegedly suffered sexual harassment damage to Mayor Park Won-soon, stood before the media for the first time.

Attorney Kim Jae-ryeon, Korea's Sexual Violence Counseling Office, and Korean Women's Telephone, on behalf of A's accusation, alleged that A had been molested by Mayor Park for four years as a secretary.

[Lee Mi / South Korea Sexual Violence Counseling Director: will that stated privacy after you leave work, as well as business hours, contact the body, and that such damage caused by a typical power and power generated transfer photos]

after quit his secretary Kim Lawyer Sexual harassment continued, and in February, Mayor Park released a photo of the Telegram secret chat room that invited Mr. A as evidence.

[Kim Jae-ryeon/A's attorney: It was a time when the perpetrator had no reason to ask for a confidential conversation via telegram to a victim who did not work in the secretary's office. A fellow official (I also saw a photo that was sent).]

Mr. A asked for help from the inside of Seoul, but there was also a claim that it was ignored.

[Lee Mi-kyung/Director of Korea Sexual Violence Counseling: Victims asked for help from inside the city of Seoul, but the mayor said he wasn't the person (ignored).

Women's groups stipulated that Mr. A's experience was "a power-type sex crime by high-ranking officials" and urged the truth to be revealed through proper investigation.

[Komi Kyung/CEO of Korean Women's Phone: The fact that the accused is absent does not mean that the case disappears. We strongly demand that the truth of the case be properly identified.]

They urged the city ​​and the National Assembly to work out the truth, saying they will do their best to protect the victims.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, if a report was filed in accordance with the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Incident Handling Manual, the investigation would have started even if the target was a mayor, but the incident had never been reported.

Prior to the interview, the funeral committee, which asked to reconsider their families to spend time of tears, issued a message saying that after the interview, they are forced to focus on sending the deceased today.

(Video coverage: Jinho Seo, Video editing: Jongwoo Kim)