Today (12th) was also the first Sunday when the government banned the churches from gathering and not eating together. Most of them were well kept, but some other churches were broken.

Reporter Chan-Keun Park.


A large church in Yeouido, Seoul. Today (12th), about 20,000 members attended the regular worship service seven times a day, but the meeting room for Bible study and fellowship was empty all day.

[Lee Chan-mook/Yeouido Full Gospel Church member: I am following the government policy well. (Though) It's a pity. There are also summer Bible schools and various events… .]

In another large church in Incheon, I couldn't find any lunch after worship.

This is because the government has since banned people from eating food together in the church or studying Bibles and choir exercises.

Some believe that it is a necessary step for quarantine, while others have responded that limiting church meetings is overkill.

[Moon Young-mi/Incheon Glory Church member: It is good to do (prohibition of meeting), but it is applied to all things as well as religious facilities… .]

Among them, a Christian group that did not belong to a major denomination was confirmed to have carried out a two-day, one-night mission camp in the province despite the ban on consumption.

[Christian group member family: (parent) attended a mission camp. I went on Friday morning. You came late on Saturday night. I am very concerned... .]

With the global trend of Corona 19, immigration management has been strengthened as the number of patients with domestic outbreaks has increased, as well as the influx of foreign inflows.

The health authorities are obliged to submit a PCR negative confirmation to foreigners from 4 countries entering Korea starting tomorrow.

(Video coverage: Hyun-Cheol Park, Video editing: Hye-Young Choi, CG: Yoo-Jin Lee)