Twitter has blocked the Identitair Resistance account and more than fifty other accounts of right-wing extremist groups "that violate the rules of violent extremism." That reports NBC News .

This mainly concerns accounts from the so-called Identitaire Beweging, a group that believes that Western Europeans are 'replaced' by immigrants. Accounts of the Belgian group Schild & Vrienden and that of Martin Sellner, leader of the Austrian branch of the Identitaire Beweging, were also taken offline.

Twitter was discredited last week after criticism from the anti-racist organization Global Project Against Hate and Extremism. The organization pointed the company to 67 Twitter accounts of groups linked to the Identitaire Beweging in fourteen countries.

The Identity Movement is linked, among other things, to the deadly attack on a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand last year.

In the Netherlands, the group made headlines after hanging banners at the Rotterdam Islamic school Ibn Ghaldoun and the As-Sunnah mosque. According to NRC , the group sent recruits to violence training camps in France last year.