Several voices are coming out about the funeral of Seoul City. Along with the opinion that it was reasonable treatment for the head of the agency that led the city of Seoul for nearly 10 years, there was also a strong disagreement about measures that did not take care of those who allegedly suffered sexual harassment.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan.

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city ​​of Seoul decided the funeral method of Mayor Park Won-soon as the mayor of Seoul, the city's supervisor, and decided to hold a funeral for five days.

A city funeral committee was formed to organize the funeral process, and all expenses are covered by the city budget.

[Seoul City Official: You died as an incumbent mayor. It is said that if you are above the ministerial level, you can do it as the head of the agency.] The

head of the government's protocol includes the head and the vice-minister.

There is a disagreement between affirmative action that is appropriate for an elected incumbent mayor who has been in charge of Seoul administration for nearly nine years, and a disagreement that does not take care of those who allege sexual harassment damage.

More than 300,000 people agreed to the Cheong Wa Dae national petition requesting to be headed as a family leader, surpassing the 200,000 respondents. "The post has been posted.

Among the women's groups, the Korea Sexual Violence Counseling Office publicly expressed opposition to the funeral organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, saying that "the time that the victim can speak will disappear."

The Korean Women's Association also said, "It is inflicting secondary damages."