Officials from the YouTube channel'Horizontal Research Center' filed a court disposition to prevent Park Won-soon's funeral in Seoul from being held in the form of the'Seoul City Hall'.

Kang Yong-seok, an attorney from the Garro Vertical Research Institute, said yesterday (11th) that he filed a prosecution against the Seoul Metropolitan Court against Seoul Metropolitan Court on behalf of 500 citizens.

The sixth administrative division of the Seoul Administrative Court, which was assigned to the case, will hold an interrogation today at 3:30 pm to decide whether to accept the provisional disposition.

The date of the interrogation was settled within one day of the provisional disposition because the need to judge as soon as the inception was scheduled for Moreh was recognized.

The court's judgment on the provisional disposition is also expected to come out before tomorrow morning at the latest.

According to the Garro Vertical Research Institute, the funeral of the death of the current mayor of Seoul, despite the absence of related laws and regulations, led the city to funeral to the Seoul Metropolitan City without legal grounds, as well as having problems with the procedure and wasting budget.

"According to the government handbook prepared by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (currently the Ministry of Public Administration and Security) in 2014, Seoul mayor may be the subject of a government chief if he dies while serving as minister," said Kang. After consulting with the secretariat of the Blue House and the Ministry of Security, the head of the organization should make a proposal and receive approval from the President."

He continued, "We did not follow this procedure and the mayor of Park was making the funeral for the first time in five days as the mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City."

Kang said, "It is estimated that this funeral will cost over 1 billion won." I did.

In addition, he added, "The mayor of Park is not honest in his job."

A representative of the funeral council overseeing the Seoul Metropolitan City mayor said, "It is a malicious attempt to scratch the funeral and make news." There is no."