Yesterday (10th), 35 new corona19 confirmed patients in Korea. As the number of confirmed foreigners continues to increase, the government has decided to require the corona19 voice confirmation to be submitted to foreign nationals from countries designated for increased protection.

Reporter Kim Hyeong-rae reports.

<Reporter> There

were 35 new corona19 confirmed patients yesterday, and the cumulative confirmed number increased to 13,373.

Among the new confirmers, 20 cases of regional outbreaks and 15 overseas inflows were tentatively counted.

In the case of regional outbreaks, 9 people from the metropolitan area including 6 in Seoul, 2 in Gyeonggi, and 1 in Incheon, and 9 and 2 in Gwangju and Daejeon, where regional infection continues.

The number of confirmed foreign inflows was an average of 6 people a day in May, but it is rapidly increasing to 11 people last month and 20 people this month.

Accordingly, the government has obliged foreign residents from countries that are targeted to strengthen quarantine from day after day to submit a corona 19'voice confirmation' issued by a designated medical institution within 48 hours of the departure date.

Countries with a high rate of confirmation among immigrants or a rapid increase in the number of patients in their country are targeted for strengthening quarantine. Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are likely to be targeted.

In addition, it said that it was necessary to keep the seat occupancy below 60% for flights coming from countries that are targeted for strengthening quarantine.