The second attack is serious, blaming the mayor of Park Won-soon for accusing him of sexual harassment and trying to find out who he is. The police, who are protecting the accused, have warned of serious action.

Reporter Jang Hoon-kyung's report.

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soon as the news that Mayor Park Won-soon was accused of sexual harassment, articles accusing the former secretary spread quickly through the Internet community.

"It seems to Park Won-soon been designed to unconfirmed suspicions market, ie operations"

, "no matter how you think it is more than a secretary,"

even grasp the former chief of staff, working people, and also posts hagetdan ferret out the former secretary.

The complaints, which were not confirmed through mobile phone messengers, etc., spread in an instant, and photos of past events taken by employees unrelated to the incident were distributed, and the parties also sued.

All are contents that produce secondary damages such as defamation of persons involved in the incident and exposure of personal information.

The police, who are protecting the former secretary's identity, expressed their resolute stance that they would take strict measures in accordance with laws and principles.

[Police officials: Links, copies, quotations, etc., etc., etc., because we have seen a lot of results that are difficult to determine the damage (secondary damage.)

Online, as a backlash against the second attack against the secretary There is also a movement in solidarity with the accused secretary.

It is a hash tag that says, ``I am in solidarity with the victim who will accuse Park,'' which means that I will stand with the courageous accused when the way to investigate suspicion disappears.