Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon was found dead on the 10th of today (Bokaksan, Seoul). Mayor Park canceled the schedule that was scheduled for yesterday and left the mission in the morning, and at 5:20 pm, Mayor Park's daughter reported the disappearance to the police saying her father was out of reach. Mayor Park Won-soon's vacancy was prepared at Seoul National University Hospital.

This is Hong Young-jae, the first news reporter.


Around 0 AM. Mayor Park Won-soon was found dead in the mountains near Seongjeong-gil between Bukaksan Sukjeongmun and Samcheonggak.

It's been 7 hours since May 17, the daughter of Mayor Park, yesterday, reported the missing person to the police, saying, "My father said something like a testament four hours ago, and then the phone is off."

[Choi Ik-Soo/Criminal Section, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency: Some bags, mobile phones, and belongings were found in the field. At present, there is no special suspicion of suicide, but… .]

Mayor Park came out from Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, with a backpack in a mountaineering suit, covering his face with a hat and mask at 10:44 am yesterday.

Earlier, around 10 am, I called the Prime Minister Chung Se-gyun directly to cancel the lunch appointment scheduled for the day.

It is said that he said that he was unable to attend luncheon because he was not feeling well.

Mayor Park, who took a taxi out of the hall, arrived in Waryong Park, about 1.8 km later.

At around 2:42 PM, I made a last call with someone near Waryong Park.

And at 3:49 PM, Mayor Park's cell phone signal was finally caught around the Finnish embassy in Seongbuk-gu.

The police conducted an intensive search by putting around 700 troops, police dogs and drones around the location where the last signal was caught, and found the mayor of Park, who died on a mountain trail near Sukjeongmun, a rare North Korean mountain.

The police placed their bodies at Seoul National University Hospital at about 3:20 am after the on-site inspection.

(Video editing: Lee So-young, CG: Bang Myung-hwan)