On the 10th when news of Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon's death was reported, citizens made their voices in commemoration on social networking services (SNS) such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

However, there were also a few who expressed embarrassment and disappointment, including Mayor Park, who was sued by the police for alleged sexual harassment from his former secretary, and said, "I was not responsible for the action."

Some also agreed that the funeral of his family, which was to be held for five days as the first mayor of Seoul, should be held as a family leader.

◇ "Suddenly, the big star has fallen…I still have a lot

of work to do. " Citizens recalled Mayor Park's life and responded that his sudden death was a pity.

One Twitter user, "sky***," said Mayor Park's remarks, saying, "Too big a star has been ridiculously lost. It's so hard to endure it now."

Another Twitter user'Woo***' mourned, saying, “I want to remember Mayor Park Won-soon as a social agenda in Korean society, and as a person with more flexible actions and thinking.”

There was also a voice to focus on the memorial, once leaving the suspicion of Mayor Park's sexual crimes, Twitter user'kbk***' wrote, "I leave the lesson of Mayor Park Won-soon and mourn the death of the deceased."

◇ "The extreme choice is the second round…I don't qualify as the Seoul mayor." In

the wave of mourning, there was also a claim that the funeral of Mayor Park should be held as the family leader, not the Seoul mayor.

On the morning of the 10th, the petition titled'Park Won-soon's funeral is against the 5th, Seoul Metropolitan City Mayor' posted on the bulletin board of the national petition at the Blue House.

The petitioner wrote, "As Park Won-soon died, allegations of sexual harassment ended without investigation," he said. "Should the public watch the splendid five-day scene of a leading politician suspected of sexual harassment. .

On the SNS, a'authentication shot' relay was held in which the city of Seoul put in a complaint requesting to cancel the decision to take the funeral of Mayor Park as the mayor of Seoul.

Some netizens argued that "even if the funeral decision is in line with existing Seoul City regulations, as long as the charges of sexual crimes have been filed, we cannot honor him as if nothing had happened."

"I can't agree that as a woman (mayor Park) was a sad democratic fight as a woman," a Twitter user using the'ban***' ID said. "The suspicion of sexual harassment must be investigated."

"Wke***," a Twitter user, said, "The second choice is the one that made the wrong choice and did not pay the wrong price." He said, "We do not sympathize with the victim or mourn together. I wrote.

(Photo = Yonhap News)