A Samsung smartphone. (Illustration) - Pixabay / StockSnap

Future smartphones sold by Samsung could be supplied without a charger. The South Korean manufacturer would follow in the footsteps of Apple which, according to the latest rumors, would strongly consider delivering its next iPhone 12 without a USB adapter.

Lower the costs

"Samsung Electronics is looking for a way to exclude the charger from the list of components of a smartphone in order to reduce its production costs", according to an article published this Wednesday July 8 by the South Korean media ET News  and relayed by Clubic . The economy would be substantial when you know that Samsung sells around 300 million smartphones each year worldwide.

It is therefore unlikely that this measure will be accompanied by a drop in the price of smartphones. But it would allow manufacturers to offset the cost of the more expensive 5G chips, and therefore avoid a price hike too large for the consumer.

The absence of a charger also has the advantage of preserving the environment. Consumers could use their old adapters or, of course, buy one, separately.


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