Companies can now offer a QR code to be able to speak to customers directly via WhatsApp, WhatsApp owner Facebook announces on its website. For example, a company can place the QR code on the facade, at a counter, on a purchase receipt, or distribute it in a branch.

As soon as a customer scans the QR code with their smartphone, they can chat directly with the company via WhatsApp. Until now, companies offering contact via WhatsApp had to share their business number.

Companies with a business WhatsApp account can also set an opening sentence. This message becomes visible as soon as a customer scans the company's QR code.

WhatsApp has been offering Dutch companies the opportunity to create a business account since 2018. A number of municipalities also use the service to chat with residents, but a number indicated that they would discontinue this at the end of 2019 because WhatsApp wanted to take control of the business accounts more.