On the 6th, a visitor's procession continued at the mother's vacancy in the office of Governor Ahn Hee-jeong, the former governor of Chungnam Province. In particular, as the media picture of President Moon Jae-in, who was placed in the vacancy, was reported to the media, contradictory voices were rising. On the one hand, there is an opinion that the governor of Ahn is currently living with a sexual assault, so there is no reproach that it is not appropriate for him to use the presidential position to harmonize him.

SBS News first saw what the Blue House felt about this public opinion, and what process and why the presidential position was used to convey harmony.

Producer Hyeon-jong Ha / Composition Lee Arita, Hye-ji Kim / Hyo-young Bae / Intern in charge Son Jung-min, Lee Eun-eun

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