Relatives of Philippe Monguillot, tram'bus driver violently attacked in Bayonne on Sunday, organized a white march on Wednesday evening. Between emotion and anger, many Bayonnais were present to pay tribute to this fifties, today in a state of brain death.


Three days after the very violent assault of a bus driver in Bayonne, Sunday evening, the four suspects were charged. All were placed in pre-trial detention, two of them, aged 22 and 23, are being tried for attempted murder. On Wednesday evening, relatives of the victim, between life and death, called for a white march.

"He will be missed by his wife, his three daughters ..."

Colleagues of the driver, residents of the Bayonne conurbation ... Dressed in white, a flower in their hands, many people gathered at the Balichon stop, a stop where the bus driver was severely beaten on Sunday.

A few hours before the tragedy, Jean-Pierre had boarded the tram'bus which Philippe Monguillot was driving. "He was a friend of mine," he says. "I have been taking the bus for 30 years in Bayonne, I saw him on Sunday afternoon, he took me to Biarritz, I met him again, and since then I have never seen him again".

"He was respected in his work, which is normal," he continues, "It's lamentable, it's criminal, he will be missed by his wife, his three daughters ... In Bayonne, it becomes serious, all the days I see incivilities! "

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"As soon as you refuse to give a cigarette, you will be kicked!"

Eyes full of tears, revolted by this aggression, the Bayonnais present at the white march insisted on demonstrating "in solidarity", explains one of the participants. "These are things that are unacceptable," he said. "We are in a society where as soon as you refuse to give up a cigarette, you are beaten up!"

Around the victim's relatives, the white march then took the direction of the hospital where the attacked bus driver was taken care of. The fifties is in a state of brain death.