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Many consumers rely on the resale of their old smartphone to partially finance the purchase of a new model. A strategy that could influence the choice of the new smartphone because, on the second-hand market, not all phones are created equal. In any case, this is the conclusion reached by SellCell, an American company specializing in used smartphones, during its study.

In general, Android smartphones would lose a lot of their value in two years. High-end models from Samsung would lose 75% of their value on the second-hand market, which remains average, while LG flagships would lose 90%.

To determine the evolution of the value of used smartphones, SellCell detailed the evolution of the price of a new phone at its release until its recovery two years later, on occasion. The American company is mainly interested in phones from manufacturers Apple, Samsung, Google and LG.

The iPhone remains unbeatable

The iPhones are the big winners in terms of market value on the second-hand market. An iPhone XR would only lose 53.9% of its value in two years, or a sale price around 400 euros instead of 859 euros when it came out, while the iPhone XS Max would depreciate by 57%.

The main competitors of the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy, would not do as well on the second-hand market and would lose almost three quarters of their value in two years. Thus, the Galaxy Note would lose almost 72.4% of its value, while the Galaxy S9 would lose 77%, or 200 euros instead of 859 euros when it was released.

But the models with the least used values ​​are the models of Google and those of LG. In two years, the Pixel 3 loses 80% of its original price. The value of the LG G7 ThinQ would drop by 90% over the same period.

If you are betting on the resale of your phone to finance the purchase of a new model, it might be more interesting to acquire a smartphone from a brand that still has some weight in the second-hand market.


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