The Daegu Metropolitan Police Agency announced today (7th) that three additional officers from the Daegu Church in Sincheonji were arrested and handed over to the prosecution in charge of prosecution for accusation of intentionally missing a member's name in a corona epidemiological investigation by the quarantine authorities (infectious disease prevention).

Earlier, on the 17th of last month, the police arrested two officers in the church on the same charges and handed over three cases to the prosecution in charge of prosecution.

According to the police, eight people who were sent to the prosecutor's office randomly deleted and submitted about 100 members who were reluctant to reveal their identity when Daegu City requested the entire membership list on February 20, two days after the first corona 19 confirmed patient in Daegu (No. 31). There is one charge.

On February 28, the city accused Shinchonji Daegu Church of the police on charges of deliberately deceiving the number of believers and interfering with the investigation of related facilities.