Controversy is pouring into the judiciary after the final decision to deny the approval of Son Jung-woo, 24-year-old Son Jung-woo, who ran the child sexual exploitation site,'Welcome to Video'.

Yesterday (6th) Seoul High Court 20 Detective Kang Young-soo (Deputy Judge Moon-kyung Kang and Jae-chan Lee) decided not to grant extradition to Son Jung-woo, which the prosecution claimed. 

It is desirable for the Republic of Korea to exercise the power of criminal prosecution as a sovereign state, and the court explained that the failure to lead Son Jung-woo would have a significant benefit in preventing and suppressing the production of pornography for children and youth.
When the news came, many people were upset. The prosecution said that he would continue the investigation, but in reality, it was the same as being unable to ask Son Jeong-woo for the right price. 

Currently, Son Jung-woo has not been prosecuted for stealing crime profits, and is already sentenced to one year and six months in prison, and it is difficult to punish him again for child sexual exploitation. Compared to a 70-year imprisonment for a male man who downloads and accesses one time from the site, and a 22-year-old man for a sexual exploitation video sharing experience, the operator of the world's largest sexual exploitation site operates in Korea. The sentence received at is a poor level.

As a result, the voice of asking for responsibility for the judiciary is also increasing. More than 340,000 people agreed to ``Petition for Disqualification of Candidate for Supreme Court Justice Young-Soo Kang, Supreme Court Justice of the Seoul Supreme Court'', which came to the Blue House National Petition. It's been two days since the petition came up.
Prosecutor Seo Ji-hyun, a prosecutor at the prosecution and a special adviser to the Ministry of Justice's Gender Equality Policy, has also taken a lead in the court's decision. 

Prosecutor Seo refuted the sentences written in the decision by saying on his Facebook page, "I wonder if there is any hope. Please open your eyes to the decision. It is wrong from beginning to end. .
Not only domestic, but also foreigners were criticized. According to the New York Times on the 6th of the local time, "Americans who have seen child sexual exploitation through'Welcome to Video' have been sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison." 

The netizens responded that most of them were embarrassed, such as "international disgrace" and "all sex offenders worldwide would want to be punished in Korea."
The petition gets more than 200,000 consent early, and the responsible authority of the Blue House needs to prepare an answer. 

Unfortunately, on the day when Son Jung-woo was released, President Moon Jae-in and several politicians were criticized for their association as the mother's mother's vacancy in the office of former Chungnam governor Ahn Hee-jung, who was executed for sexual assault on the secretary of execution.

With the'gender perceptions' lack of politics and the judiciary, it continues to cause disappointment among the people, and the Blue House is interested in what answers it will give.

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(Photo = Yonhap News, Seo Ji Hyun, Facebook, BBC, NY Times, Blue House National Petition website capture)