Son Jung-Woo, who was caught running the world's largest child sexual exploitation site, continues to be investigated and tried in Korea. The United States, which has a higher court sentence, has asked for extradition to Ms. Son, but the judge has not accepted it.

First, reporter Kang Cheong-wan.


Son Jung-woo, wearing a mask in black clothes, leaves the door of the Seoul detention center.

[Son Jung-Woo / Minor Sexual Exploitation Site Operator: I'm really sorry and I will be sweet even if the punishment remains. I'm very sorry.] Because the

court did not grant Mr. Son a request for extradition.

The court said it would be more desirable to investigate Mr. Son in the United States, not in the United States, in order to eradicate the crime of child pornography in Korea.

I agree with Mr. Son's allegations that the crimes are anti-human and vicious and should be punished in the United States, where the sentence is higher.

However, he said that this decision is not an indulgence, and that evidence such as Korean membership information must be thoroughly collected to end the vicious cycle of crime.

Earlier, Mr. Son was sentenced to one year and six months in jail for being arrested two years ago for allegedly operating a child sexual exploitation site called'Welcome to Video'.

The prosecution plans to conduct additional investigations against Mr. Son for allegations of stealing criminal proceeds sued by Mr. Son's father to prevent repatriation.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, Video editing: Jae-sung Lee)  

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