Samsung is likely to present its new Galaxy Note 20 phone on August 5. According to a tweet from the Ice Universe account, which more often publishes accurate information about unannounced phones, the device will cost $ 999 (885 euros).

The Galaxy Note 20 would therefore be $ 50 more expensive than the Galaxy Note 10 released last year. In the Netherlands, that device cost 949 euros. The new Note 20 may cost 999 euros in the Netherlands.

In addition to the regular Galaxy Note, a Note 20 Ultra will probably also appear. The price of that device would be $ 1,299. The more expensive model of the Galaxy Note 10, the Note 10+, cost $ 1,099 last year.

Samsung will probably present the Galaxy Note 20 in early August. Recently information about the device leaked. For example, images of the phone surfaced on a Russian Samsung website last week. The pictures showed a copper-colored device with a rectangular camera island on the back.

There was also a pen, characteristic of the Note series from Samsung. The pictures have now been taken offline. Samsung did not respond.